February 22nd 2018 -

The well-known German author Carl Zuckmeyer ("Der Hauptmann von Köpenick") spent the last twenty years of his life in Saas Fee - it was love at first sight: https://www.nzz.ch/gesellschaft/carl-zuckmayers-lieblingsrunde-in-saas-fee-ld.1326931

January 28th 2018 -

The art of old school mogul skiing - check out skiracecoach and afistfulofmoguls; more about the technique of mogul skiing to follow!

January 23rd 2018 -

After several days of heavy snowfall there's 5m of snow on the Allain, 3m on Morenia and 1.7m in the village - enough to last the season! Access to Saas Fee is possible again and the slopes will be prepared for tomorrow

TEL: 0041 27 957 14 52

E-MAIL: koenig@saas-fee.ch


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